Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Stu Buck- Three Poems


We were sat on the U-Bahn in Berlin
My soon to be wife and I
After a long day shopping and sightseeing
A tramp boarded at Gleisdreieck
He stank of his own shit
Wretched and base
Freshly lain
He shuffled up the middle of the train
As people leered and ogled his plight
This once proud human
That bleeds the same colour as all of us
Reduced to a foul shit stink
My wife and I sunk low in our seats
As the man begged for change we all had
But would not give
He got out at Prinzen├čtrase
Leaving the foul stench of disappointment
Thick in our throats
A couple of stops later we disembarked
Returned to our hotel
Through snow lined streets
Our breath exploding in front of us
Hands deep in our fleeced pockets
As soon as we got in we ordered room service
Laying on our bed
Our stomachs full
We made love amongst the wreckage
While outside the smell of frozen shit
Lingered in the air
Like so much regret

Lost Highways

Later on we walked down to the jazz bar
Where Charles Mingus and Duke Ellington
Threw out wah-wah dreams
The trumpets whisper mysteries
Martini false dawns
Hi-hats leading us through the looking glass
We danced until dawn
Folding into each other like a deck of cards
Until we could take it no more
And as the saxophone reached its violent crescendo
And the jazz man collapsed on the floor
We fell into a fever
That has lasted forever


often I dream of Gabriella
smoking a cigarette
her gown draped like azure silk over a skeletal frame
birds on her knees and shoulder
white hair thick with memories
skin blistered
she opens her mouth
and it is full of blood

Stu Buck is a chef turned poet who is hoping to publish a chapbook of his work later in the year. He has a blog @ and can now be found embracing the 21st century on twitter @stuartmbuck.

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