Sunday, July 26, 2015

John Pursch- Three Poems

Bright Mnemonic Neutral

Legs excuse a verbal winter,
loose and fractionated
by gawking peasants
in rapt anemic paucity,
clipped daily from
newly seated staggerers.

Insteps leave a slum,
hobbling to be sedated
by cans of panhandled grapes.

Shins hum feverishly,
siring irate underlings
in shining ubiquity’s
faded screen of shout.

Parking up the Congo’s
corrugated pound seraphim,
somewhat acoustic children
whimsically recover from
mollified beneficence,
shopped in churning visuals.

Modified attention sums it up
with puppy love viscosity,
shedding bright mnemonic
neutral in amazement.

Forever Mannequins

Uremia skips the rustic dross
for probabilities of an exorcist’s
polite refusal,
scenting him with formless ale,
minting deferential gauze
for sadly glimpsed parental retries.

He took a slug of toothy clock
and scaled hedonic garden swells,
coping with plopped urchins
in alleyway brachistochrones
of chronological emotion.

Sobs drift out of scenery,
rendering cosmic sickness 
at easily specious wolverine pecans
in cardboard cupcake sail recision,
putting a model executive through
slumping shaven couch pulsations.

Sodden heroes herd a captured ankle
into cuticle hubris at diced the peat
of lounge gizzard plutocrats,
from phlegm to falsely fingered
crouton itches.

She just kept swimming down
motionless tires of temporal heresy,
fixed to rinds of grinning facemasks,
going high to lopped-off west
in quintessential moon bait lossage,
forgiving stolid mannequins
whenever doves emerged
from stucco blinder horse cart rage
or twosome stones
or flapping Frappuccino consonants
of raw frenetic underwhelm
in tow truck buccaneer embrace.

Above Denuded Flames

Upshot fees imbue the minted
logo minds of bullion speakers,
courting dynamic truncation bins,
wracking barks for hewed syllabic tinder.

Chalices flutter in gummed natal fruit
of vowel excision statue heirs,
glistening to skylight escalation floors
in gone horizon euphony
of torrid plastic gyrations
and hinged generational prolapse.

She smiles as only the severely
cramping pedestal of stunned
humility can infer,
from burping fountain travesties
above denuded flames.

Chimerical embarrassments,
cod spread disgrace
on teepee chandelier repairmen,
pocketing a wealthy commiseration flea

(whose life expectorates
in sopping purple qualities
of sallow gully dwellers).

Clowns hum naked folly pies
to crabby childhood citizens
of goodness gravel gumdrop gaffers
grown garrulous in gargled
gabardine gazebo gowns,
gruffly governing gelatinous gentlemen.

Chin-ups churn chelated cherubim,
chortling at chimney champions.

John Pursch lives in Tucson, Arizona. His work has been nominated for Best of the Net and has appeared in many literary journals. A collection of his poetry, Intunesia, is available at Check out his experimental lit-rap video at He’s @johnpursch on Twitter and john.pursch on Facebook.

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