Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Robin C. Pinkman- A Poem

               on the fouler 
               revelries of 
               It’s true
               i’m nothing but a rat in the base-
 ment of the Berkeley Public
 Library rooting around for sixty
 year old crumbs  dreaming of a
 better life as Jack Benny  or a
 tennis pro  or i guess it’s okay
 to be whatever particles these
 are until they fall victim to cancer,
 or whatever other degenerative

 i can’t see straight anymore

 there were giants
 once walked the earth  and
 those were men of great renown
 who defended us in the last great war
               but not against the garish mural i ran

               my chubby little fingers against.

                               Sacramento 10/11/12

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