Friday, July 17, 2015

Joseph Donnelly- Three Poems

Sidewalk cracks

These sidewalks were not made for cell phones
Cracked out, sliding
Trip up and down the walkways
Find your destiny in a bar
Find your way
These cracks are ageless
Cyclical in survival
When your battery dies
The angular hazards press down
Facelifts fade
Especially when the mileage stretches out
Illuminated fences fall down
The bigger the glow, the harder the crash

Myoclonic jerk

My myoclonic jerk is a jerk
He wakes up at the slights disturbance
A creak in the floorboard two stories up
A gust of wind
Even psychological ruffles
Half dreamt slips and white, icicle teeth
He will never power through the night
Never remain calm in an emergency
Maybe I should be more grateful
He is a shaky protector, a nervous knight
Watching over my sleep
Flipping the switch to my eyelids
Worrying for the rest of my body
Never not noticing the noises of noir

Yum garbage

Yum garbage
Yum pesticides
I’m getting so strong
Complete meals with growth hormones
Look at my pituitary glands
I’m getting angry for no reason
Young personalities taking over the nation
Assuming the grocery store has an education
Are you sick of that spare tire
Cut foods don’t add them
Don’t look behind the curtain
My fat tummy
My fat tums
Keeping my heartburn fun
Keeping me guessing
How did I get cancer
How come the doctor answers
In chemical compounds
Confused on where I should eat
What I should eat
Fast food boozed up meat
Junky cows crying for heroin
Their medicine
Their needs
Five by five by five homes with no trees
And cheap seeds
Sowing the ground for monies
For profit gains
My polyp has a first name
It’s M-O-N-S-A-N-T-O
My dementia has a second name
It’s S-Y-N-G-E-N-T-A
Population implosion
Mental clouding and consumption
Garbage and starvation

J.Donnelly lives and writes in Astoria, NY. His chapbook is titled "The ECW".

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