Monday, July 27, 2015

Noel Negele- A Poem

Present Memories

Her hair’s short-
A tomboy beauty
She always shares her cigarettes
And she can handle silence,
A girl with an indie heart
Self educated more than system educated
A rebel at every chance
Despises drama
But somehow draws plenty of it

She rubs you when you feel awful
She drinks with you and as much as you
And in the morning she always sleeps more than you
She loves you and doesn’t mind telling you
She shares her socks and gives you money
And asks for sex just as easily

She stares at you while you sleep
With adoring eyes
Her fingers streaming from your forehead
To your lips to your neck
To your chest
And you want to open your eyes
So you can see her smooth, dreamer smile
But you enjoy the feeling 
Of her finger tips too much

While the rays of the afternoon sun
Make their way through the shutters
Giving untouchable orange to the room

And your breathing
And hers
Like a prologue to a symphony
And the sound of the far away waves
And the cicadas on the trees
Taking their place
And the stillness of joy
And the surging of happiness
Into the moment
Stretching left and right
Engulfing body and soul
And the world entire

As something close to perfection
Coexists with us both.

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