Sunday, July 26, 2015

Chris Butler- Three Poems

Pain and Panic

I awake

to a body
that can’t even
fall off the
wrong side
of the bed

and a mind
and a heart
sprinting a
one hundred
yard dash in
a race with
no victor.

The Agony All Around Me

Everything hurts.
Nervous nerves.
Migraine headaches.
Broken bones.
Hollowed marrow.
Slithering spine.
Peeled skin.
Soulless heels.
Collapsible veins.
Disjointed joints.
Tender tendonitis.
Arthritic limbs.
Unbandaged appendages.
Shriveled liver.
Harvested kidneys.
Volcanic stomach.
Disheartened heart.
Phantom pains.

And that’s just
what hurts
on the inside.

One Inch

My unfocused
pointer finger
and my
devolved thumb
are only
one inch apart
and closing,
to signify just
how close
I am to the
lemmings’ edge.

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