Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

Comrades Awaken

the FBI,
and the justice department,
pinstripe suited thugs,
suing and intimidating states and businesses,
throughout the land,
they are looking out for you comrade,
so spy on your neighbors,
and trick your friends,
if they are citizens,
who don't understand,
they must be made to listen,
we the government are for the people,
telling you all you need to know,
listen to us,
and no one else,
brotherhood is achievable,
if left in the hands of the federal state.

The Common Good

individual rights sacrificed,
at the altar of the common good,
the common good,
a blanket,
changing shape and size,
defined by social elites,
the vanguard of the revolution,
instructed only in social justice,
with no real concept,
of what is common,
or what is good.


friends with Iran,
a friend of a friend,
extremists intent on killing moderates,
or people who disagree,
nuclear agreements signed,
though only a president and his followers,
the people who agree,
the rest,
do with them,
what you wish,
we are in agreement,
with our friend Iran.

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