Tuesday, July 21, 2015

J.J. Campbell- Three Poems

two old ladies

listening to these
two old ladies trade
horror stories about
forgetting shit all
the time

hitting their heads
on cabinets they
forgot to close

falling down while
trying to move too
fast on the carpet

and i'm supposed
to look forward to
the golden years

the dying years

a listless sunday
under sunny

i suppose there
are worse ways
to spend the
dying years

enjoy every
ice cube

i've heard
where you
are going
they don't
have any

on my father's lap pretending

sometimes springsteen
comes on the radio
and i picture myself
on my father's lap

pretending i'm
the one driving
his pickup truck

except i quickly
realize that's not
me on his lap

he never loved me
enough to allow my
imagination to be
free at that age

i turn the dial and
try to find something
else to listen to

all springsteen does
is remind me of a
past that i was never
welcome in and unable
to ever change

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