Saturday, July 18, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


arrogance displayed,
along with ignorance,
trust demanded,
though not earned,
agreements signed,
yet voices not allowed to be heard,
nuclear warfare,
an intellectual exercise,
in the mind of the president,
nothing more than a video game,
the reality scarier,
the countdown begins.


soldiers allowed to be targets,
ducks in a barrel,
the government afraid to offend,
the terrorists, citizens too,
terrorist killings have nothing to do with race,
easier to ignore,
when emphasis not on black or white,
but soldier or civilian,
the death count mounts,
in the silence of the white house.

Artificial Equality

the land of equality,
everyone equal,
except before the law,
or in the eyes of the government,
where citizens sorted,
and divided,
defining equality by sex,
or race,
rights not equal,
prejudice defined by history,
and not this moment in time,
thus everyone equally guilty,
each group with complaints of their own,
justice artificial,
as is equality,
in the land of the free,
where citizens equal.

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