Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Adreyo Sen- A Poem


In SOCI 135, the deviance
that troubles our social lives,
she was troubling by my side.
It was not her perfume.
It was the amusement 
I felt in her eyes.

Felt, for I never dared
to turn
to see her face
only knew to my right
the rich fall of her ebony hair
devised it would seem
to capture hearts astray.
Such as mine.

Later, she sought to meet.
She wanted my notes for an exam
so this was meet
and I finally looked her
in her very pretty eye.
Learning she was Egyptian, I saw
the bottomless seductiveness
of the Nile
in the smile that was finally mine
at least till the close of exam time.

I much preferred an eternity
blind to her beauty,
seated by her side.

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