Monday, July 13, 2015

David Ross- A Poem

Cuba Libre

Haven't thought much about Cuba
since summer 1959 when I worked
in a hotsy-totsy Miami Beach hotel
alongside a staff of angy refugees
who bussed tables and made beds
while planning to reclaim their land
from commie Castro's rebel band.

Tips from tipsy guests were spent
on not-so-happy hours which meant
the only drink they cared to devour
was rum and coke that I can't stand
but after downing a couple of them
I was gung-ho for counter-revolution
for a Cuba Libre induced solution.

Fortunately from my point of view
time came to return to the Midwest
for fall semester in my ivory tower
where tap beer still ruled the day
if students passed simplistic tests
and paid tuition in order to prove
superiority over all expatriate rest.

Fast-forward to this summer 2015
when I enjoy the retirement scene
with an IRA plus social security
and along comes word that USA
is no longer holding Cuba at bay
because of mutual ambassadors
half century too late for my friends.

(David Ross learned more about patriotism in the summer of 1959 than he has since then.)

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