Thursday, July 30, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

Secretary Savior

John Kerry,
the savior returned,
testifying before congress,
a lifetime cross to bear,
a social elite,
grilled and abused,
by peasants,
lesser men and women than himself,
justice his own,
railing against the war in Vietnam,
when a young man,
telling lurid gossip,
hard to believe,
now years later,
back before congress,
and in favor of treating with Iran,
obtuse in his arguments,
a common mind,
spewing concepts,
more akin to a spider's web,
than a foundation for logical thought,
still arrogant,
and ignorant,
after all these years,
a life wasted,
trapped in a web,
of his own making,
the savior secretary sacrificed,
aloof and alone,
but no one cares.

The Schooling

professor Obama,
schooling us all,
in the logic of ivy tower diplomacy,
the real world ignored,
while an illusion is formed,
pages and pages of paper,
construct a world of rules and regulations,
a house of cards,
life the ideal,
lived between the typeset lines,
the suffering never actually seen,
paper thin,
created and enforced,
by the printed word,
lines in the sand,
no longer exist,
sentence after sentence,
filled with nouns and verbs,
interpreted as each nation chooses,
while the professor hides in the ivy tower.

Secretary Moniz

the hair brings to mind,
a beatnik poet,
but sadly his words do not flow,
immersed in science,
he answers the trivial,
with rambling statements,
sentences of uncertain beginnings,
and confusing ends,
knowledgeable in nuclear physics,
unfamiliar with history,
and seemingly unaware of right or wrong,
or morality,
a high priest of science,
isolated from the day to day,
a child taken advantage of,
across the negotiating table.

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