Wednesday, July 15, 2015

David Spiering- Three Poems

a poem caused by my futile attempt to view the Pleiades through the light pollution

a cheeseburger
cobblestone plump
and juicy as a bullfrog
parchment wrapped
and foiled
in shiny aluminum
sits under the heat
lamp’s glare
near the fries

you’re concealed in darkness
the hamburger stand’s lit up
like an alien space craft
but you’re laced up
with atrophy
in this nocturnal clingy
shirking air

for the time being
the burger remains fresh
before it becomes
a dumpster oyster
fit for cold fingers

a poem caused by a 21st century siren

her body’s
an amphora
shaped by
vanity doctors
mad as liver
she’s captured
held in stasis by
that salts
my eyes
and judgment
to its taste
and it corrodes
my ability to focus
on truth and virtue

her true use
is to remove
her head and fill her body
with olive oil up
to her neck’s wing bones
recap her head
and place
her in a cargo ship’s hold

the golden liquid
doesn’t bring
her any inner peace
or introspection
because she longs
for the sun’s attention
and she agitates
her body
starting instability
that causes the ship
to capsize 

a poem caused by my need for five dollars and I only have three

this is another memory
of a drunken black out
I wake up
pretend the sheets
aren’t wet
and there’s still fish in the pond
the moon didn’t
roll down a blank
my cell phone
is not an alarm clock
the blue jays didn’t
drive off
the mourning doves
the fruit
didn’t rot
on the trees

nature’s virtues are still
good as money
sleep is a necessary joy
and sunrise
is still a few
                                                         hours off

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