Friday, July 17, 2015

John Pursch- Three Poems

Within A Muted Essence

Lola blocked for cartoon human quadriceps
in calmly conjoined polyester air lock vestibule
adjacent to a third-sound burlap sky parolee,
filtered to diffident parrying sets of
garrulous conniption cockatoo protection flak,
assembled in the sloth of Prance.

She enjoyed Ferris most of all,
wadded into stumpy sprawl
acrostic seek essential’s blazing
sill hide flush of vapor ruin
overload in funny twisting
tensor ease from Myopian gantry
slide to burial by technologically
embossed fleshpot astigmatic corn.

Contactee bilge frosted
the pod protrusion’s stalks,
slipping falsetto nozzle gin
reports to sensorial modules,
disguising drifter giblets in some ticking
mire tong supper’s prepositional taper,
flocked to seamless candelabra moths.

Ethical quotations
shifted us to recent tense
in mown and mighty towers
of edible samite piebald
gangster stretcher lips,
sputtering an IOU for
intravenous timidity
within a muted essence
of hips so fractal
one might as dwell
become stiff fusion
paste reduction solder
in a tussling door to cellmate
dysentery psoriasis on hind skid
fear laps or keen shock stock boy
growler fizz of credo insignificance.

On Nanosecond Knees

Cycloidal personalities
rippled in brain fog carp
to jumping fiord switch
moon anthology belief,
dropping heady docent smells
in fabricated beggar stoops
from sealing dump to serve
in psychic wardrobe brunch
a limestone galleon of crude
courageous illumination sips,
pulled quietly from tusk approval
stigma curls in arable concrete.

Prow by brow by
cloying sidelong gallivanter
culled the futuristic turf
of days against eponymous epoxy omens,
stuffing carousels with stacked sirens
set to blare at the slightest jostle,
spelling sinks in decade retrofit.

Prurient scorecard borders
relied on salve purports from
anxious scuppered county sheets
of crockery and loom pick art sold happily
to fumigation surgeons
who figured intrinsically
on nanosecond knees.

Thanks to deeply stunned segregationists,
planned ateliers merged in relevant perfidy,
fusing at heaped switch tandem loggerheads,
gushing nifty wake anemia down pavement use
of angstrom spate podiatry.

Fully Cloned and Numbered

Climes cast lowly penchant pores,
chipping nicked and knackered
Cossack kin along a swaying double,
xenophobic viaducts
be strafed by foyer faces.

Greens received a toast
from jesting turnkey souffles,
hitching bunions spliced to gullibility’s
shrunken rope tomato bonsai church
of swordfish lamb protection lackey,
slipped to daring tactile grief police
in gullet bribe privation.

Showy clucks
posited maneuvering salt
for merely messianic tykes
of mellow onus locomotive sauce,
exhausting pale osteopaths
with standing maiden irony,
stuck on lucid minefield curios.

Facts preceded agricultural cement,
watering all posh insanity
till followers erupted
fully cloned and numbered
into allied stubble keels
of hemispheric tatters,
created spawn sedating fungi.

John Pursch lives in Tucson, Arizona. His work has been nominated for Best of the Net and has appeared in many literary journals. A collection of his poetry, Intunesia, is available at Check out his experimental lit-rap video at He’s @johnpursch on Twitter and john.pursch on Facebook.

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