Saturday, July 18, 2015

David Spiering- Three Poems

a poem caused by tea

tea is the necessary
bifocal for me
to make sense
of all dreariness
that’s further
by the weather

it’s the varnish
that makes
my faded paneling
to the sun glair

it allows
for needed and necessary contemplation
that’s a better option
than behaving like an ambush
predator toward
possible confrontation

tea helps smooth
out my thoughts kinks
and crannies
where debris builds
up it’s corrosion

I hope it clears away
 before my tree full of owls
spots it and they feel
 the need to save
me from their honest
pins and splinters

a poem to a reluctant teetotaler

my life is weak tea and throughout the years that’s been true by my choice
and besides that my bad habits kept dealing me lousy hands
and my they kicked me in my stoned optimism
and while I was down they went to work on my head
even caffeine coils me into a tight squeeze and I feel most of the pain in my head
and afterwards I’m ready for the solaces of the mattress and intense vomiting

now I understand fully that I’m a weak tit and I’ve made my peace
with that fact and I know my life is better off because of it and the tea
tastes much better to me and because I’m not heading off in the night’s
dull to the toilet to tear my guts up

the shield of tomatoes: a prose ode

Tomatoes stand guard over my life with their skins and juices and seeds. Tomatoes are red pods made by the sun and they’re intoxicating enough to turn heat and humidity and the blustery chill into type of pleasantness. They humidify the day’s dry peelings to make them seem more tolerable. Their vines jail the grim reaper and shrivel his/her plans into dry brittle seeds. Tomatoes keep my blood thin against the viscosity of stress caused by anger.

The battle starts as I make a sauce with garlic and herbs and olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Soon my phone cord pasta is al dente. I sluice them together in a large bowl and I sprinkle it with Parmesan and Romano cheeses. As my body absorbs the red juice it bursts like a supernova and flashes the grim reaper’s army of death into a thin black light. 

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