Sunday, July 26, 2015

Scott Thomas Outlar- Two Poems

Divine Education 

I’m white,
I’m straight,
and I’m a male
living in
modern day America,
which obviously means
I’m nothing but
a bigoted,
of Satan
let loose
upon the earth.

Let not
my peaceful demeanor
and loving nature
for all
races, ethnicities,
genders, and creeds
get in the way
of your
righteous conclusion.

I know, I know,
you learned
the holy truth
from a book
in the class
you took
at the institution…
and that type
of knowledge
was decreed
from on high.

Where the Ugly Things Go to Die
Sometimes one deep breath
is simply just not enough
to stop the raging waters
of the mind

and sometimes a second mindful breath
will not cease
the oncoming flood

so take a third
and brace for impact
as the tidal wave commences

This water was not designed to cleanse
but to ignite and boil
the anger in my heart
until the steam valve bursts
and the dam breaks
to release all the poison
that eats away at organs

This is not a meditation
This is not a poem

This is God pissing vinegar
into open wounds
with a final kiss of death
to curse me unto grave

This is the chasm of Hell
opening its bloody womb
to suck me into the flames
that burn unto eternity

This is not a denial
This is not a plea for help

This is the shadow of death
lurking with perfect patience
for the precise moment to strike
and bury me unto darkness

Scott Thomas Outlar is a politically correct teetotaler that would never dare to use any type of provocative language that might upset the apple cart. To read more of his mild-mannered verse, check out

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