Friday, November 21, 2014

Zak Parsons- Three Poems

The attempted killing of time, August 27th 2014

Haunted by the thought I am wasting my days
Letting them pass by me like everyone else I have known
But what is there really? What makes a day better than it already is?
Days are just a collection of hours, minutes and seconds we are meant to fill with meaningful moments and progressive life choices
Who says we are meant to fill them?
Let them fill themselves
We are all but nothing compared to time
Time is infinite
Humans die
Grow old and wither and die
Time will continue
Your daughter’s daughter will know time
They will meet time, waste time and then desperately want more time
You can never kill time
It is immortal
Infinite and immortal

I want to feel alive

I want to feel alive
Not just half content
But exuberantly skipping through existence like the stones we used to
Skim across the dirty river
I want to feel alive
Fearlessly hurdling
Over the rising tide that feels my ears
I want to feel alive
Not just a gentle heartbeat
But a pounding sensation that opens my eyes and
Lubricates my life
I want to feel alive
Away from the dark eyes
And into the light

My Lost, Ungrateful Heart

No road is long enough
No sea is deep enough
For my heart
My lost, ungrateful heart

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