Sunday, November 2, 2014

Brittany Zedalis- Two Poems

Pieces of You

a memory of
candlelit smiles
and flowing music,
slow dancing
in your arms and
tear-filled golden
eyes overwhelmed
with joy, your warmth
replacing the chill
of autumn, bit by bit,
pieces of you drifting
into my world,
finding their home
amongst my books
and dreams

Twilight Stars

my thoughts drift away
to the soft brown hues
of your hair beneath sunlight,
when your best friend
was down the hall to the right,
and those
full of laughter
as campfire sparks
singed my hair, secret
where the rumble of your voice
sung in my ear and
your intoxicated bedroom eyes-
I touch your scar and remember
not all scars can be seen, but
the beat of your heart
against my bare skin reminds me
we are not broken souls beneath
twilight stars, but
one soul beating with a singular heart
awaiting the oncoming dawn

Brittany Zedalis is a 22 year old college senior who is studying to be an elementary teacher. She has been writing poetry for 7 years. She has a poetry blog at:

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