Monday, November 17, 2014

Justine Bondare- Three Poems

Bitter Revenge

Still pity holds a spoon near my mouth
With revenge in it, bitter and black
Still pain teaches me dark languages
With whom I'll need to fight you
Still shame hangs my red clothes on the line
Which I will wear that dark evening

Love is locked up inside the attic
Vengeance dropped the key in it's mouth and licked her lips


You're still something I'm afraid to touch.
Your skin is like rose petals,
and I never want you to wither.

Everything and nothing at all

He released her from the cage
that had been her own body,
her own mind and soul -
everything she knew and then again,
nothing at all.
She became nothing
and everything all at once,
something only he had the privilege to see,
to feel.
When he explored her, she explored
herself just with the touch of his fingertips,
injecting lust into her blood stream
without even realizing it.
And she obeyed with every heartbeat.
He knew in that moment
amidst her craving sighs,
that only he could empty her
and refill her over and again.
With his own release,
he released her.

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