Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saren Axius- A Poem


Ashes, the last remnant
Of a scorching blaze
Which drove a city
Into a smoky haze

Bones, the final trace
Of endless misery
Nothing left, not even a face
Oh, to burn the way they burned

Ruins, reminding us
Of what once was a town
Full of laughter and life
Gone for good, without any strife
Not a scream, not a fight, trapped
In immutable plight
Never to escape this fatal night

Echoes, overdue cries
Of the dead—the new residents
Searching for purpose despite their demise
Always wandering their domain
The land between us
And the ethereal plane

Souls, the everlasting force
Of all humanity
But fire is ruthless; without remorse
And so these once gracious hosts
Friendly and humble
Are nothing; just restless ghosts

Darkness, all that’s left
Of a happy place, now bereft
The lives that were once lived
The love that had once thrived
Stricken from the record
Histories with no words
Voices with no sound
Homes with no foundation
Land with no ground
Lost for eternity; not ever to be found

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