Saturday, November 8, 2014

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


families torn apart,
just as the good book said,
sin no longer exists,
rights justify the tyrant,
enslaving the masses,
an individual's conscience,
outlawed and forbidden,
that right no longer granted,
engulfed in the morality of the mob,
it shall decide who shall live,
and how,
Lady Justice mutated into an ugly bitch.


terrorists both inside and out,
attack the laws of the nation,
legislatively and militarily,
chaos the affirmed goal,
a nation at war with itself,
and its ideals,
citizens defined as enemy or friend,
divide and conquer,
the mantra of the elite,
a nation of avarice,
chokes on its own wealth,
laws redefined,
survival devolves into the primitive struggle,
of the weak and the strong.


bombs drop from the skies,
over desert lands,
terrorists terrorized,
evil exponentially expands,
while fear breeds upon fear,
and death becomes the objective,
on every side,
the crusades revisited,
while religions rationalize and justify,
bombs dropped from cloudless skies.

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