Saturday, November 8, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Two Poems

i am not my mother 
fell between us
remembering the silences
falling like winter
that was
born between us,
and you tried to cut across it all
with a borrowed flame
but you were autumn born
and your feeble attempts were lost
in the devious smile of the
for i am summer born
the child of starry lit skies and silver
cerulean skies and jade oceans—
soft soft
for i have always been jealous
of your colors of
yellow, orange, and red;
but i will not lie
they do not across this blue that has fallen
between us nor the white that builds
her dead flowers of ice
in a thick monument
as if reconstructing the palace of the white witch—
i came through you
but i am not yours, i tried once to appease you
only to bring us both misery;
i am not you i am me
so let me fly

let me be me
i love you
sometimes i know i do not
say it often enough,
but the feeling
for i am passionate as the flames
that brought me into your
arms one summer night;
we are different as 
day and night—
i wish you could understand
sometimes i tell you
things not for counsel or advice 
but to speak to you of my
and i know you fret and worry
but God is the one 
ordering my steps as zigged and zagged
as they are—
i know i am distant,
but it is not 
entirely my fault to blame
relationships are two way streets and i feel
like i'm usually the one to make the
effort and so i just let it go;
i am your daughter
but i am me
let me be different, there is no sin in 

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