Saturday, November 1, 2014

Donal Mahoney- Three Poems

Helping a Blind Lady 

"Sometimes I want to sit down 
and never get up," she confided,
tapping her cane as we crossed

the street, her Shepherd 
towing us on its leash, 
the light ready to go red

“But then I have to pee, 
and I'm thankful I can  
make it to the bathroom."

Folks You Can’t Forget

There are people
I hope to see
lolling on a cloud 

in Heaven some day
but hope never to see 
on Earth again

when I go out to buy
a cherry Coke 
at a drugstore counter

with silver stools 
and red seats
and a girl 

named Norma Jean 
on one of them
legs crossed

but not a blonde yet.
These are people who 
have been a problem 

in my life
nice people 
I hope to see

lolling on a cloud 
in Heaven some day
but hope never to see 

on Earth again.
Too many homicides 
as it is.

Young Man on a Bad Trip

The stench came first,
the young man remembers.
It was as if someone had
grabbed him by the ankles, 
turned him upside down
and dunked him in a latrine.
Not good, he says.

Then all the hissing 
and the forked tongues
only he could see, 
flickering as if vipers were 
slithering around him.
Very bad.

A nurse told him 
he was out of it for days,
yelling and cursing
jumping out of bed 
running around.
It took three orderlies
to hold him down.
All he remembers is 
the stench and hissing.

When he came out of it
he thanked a priest
his parents had called 
when doctors said they
could only sedate him

The priest came back 
the next day and asked 
if he wanted to pray.
He told the priest 
he didn't believe in God
never mind Satan. 

The young man said
the problem was a guy 
had sold him bad stuff.
Simple as that.
But if it happens again,
he hoped the priest 
would come back,
light his candles
and work his magic.
He’d appreciate the help.

Donal Mahoney lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

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