Thursday, November 27, 2014

L.K. Twaddle- A Poem

Spells  And Incantations
Three witches slid on britches and went down to vote.
They patted the dragon and flew over the moat.
The warlocks and demons had lead for too long.
Their spells and incantations had gotten all wrong.

Three votes for lady blind justice to lead,
not strictly a witch but still one of their breed.
A lady of wisdom, though blind she may be;
she still sees the truth through the wizardry.

Honest and good a female by sex;
if she sees evil she casts a mean hex.
Dingbats and newts had best beware,
for lady justice is always fair.

Magic and wisdom the legends say;’
joined forces for good that election day.
No more black magic was found in her realm,
female hocus pocus now powered the helm.

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