Saturday, November 15, 2014

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


without doubt,
there is no need of faith,
control breeds certainty,
allows for unbelief,
an illusion,
as is much of life,
without meaning,
on a rock revolving endlessly,
through the darkness of space.

A Christian Life

am I my brother's keeper,
clothing the coat less,
Jesus seen in the human flood,
wealth saved,
and souls squandered,
professing christian love,
life lived on a knife edge,
when the living done right,
uncertainty a trusted companion,
in the depth of the night,
no future possessed,
or goals to own,
living only in the present,
if one lives a christian life.


belief in a God wavers,
among the clergy and the ordained,
rationalization replaces prayer,
and contemplation of scripture,
Jesus no more than a flower child,
spreading love and peace,
sinners respected,
their sins protected,
under law,
now young believers flock to Islam,
where religion black and white,
the church relevant to only the elderly and the aged,
the church pews vacant on a Sunday morn.

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