Sunday, November 16, 2014

Melanie Browne- Two Poems

A Curse for Sherman

Here’s a curse for Sherman,
who marched through
my dream last night,
A Glittering Snowy Christmas -window 
with giant red and green stiletto carousels,
rabbit-fur scarves from Macy’s,
sea-salt truffles from Bergdorf’s,
Sherman marched right through my
dream setting fire to the
glittering windows and grabbing
the truffles to eat for himself,
Here’s curses for Sherman,
Damn You Sherman!
as I watch the lovely dream
go up in flames,
those red and green
stiletto carousels,
those rabbit fur scarves,
and he stands
there cackling and purring at 
his rotten handiwork,
and slowly chewing the truffles,
there can be no forgiveness
for ruining such
a lovely Christmas Dream

Stomping on a Spider at Half-Past Two

The television is left on tuned to a kids show,
someone forgot to put the toilet lid down,
too early for coffee too late for Tequila,
I don't trust spiders, I had a neighbor
who nearly lost her thumb to a bad bite,
I read fluffy entertainment articles
Johnny Depp  doing his best Jett Rink
impersonation and weaving himself 
into a nice winter cap, while Miley Cyrus
is dating a goat with lovely green eyes,
surely that's not true I think these reading
glasses are too weak, curse my bad eyes,
I stomped on a spider at half past two,
I haven't flushed his remains just yet,
I was daydreaming about a vacation
for one on comet 67P

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