Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Donal Mahoney- Three Poems

Midnight Squatters

Homeless man
in a Trayvon hoodie 
under an old raincoat,
a gift today from 

the Salvation Army,
sits like a capital L
against the wall
of a downtown bank

while a homeless cat
strolls around him,
hoping for bits of ham 
from the gnawed remains

of yesterday's sandwich
as happens many nights
when the cat visits him  
despite no bell or kettle.

Big Bet at an Old-Timers' Card Game

The morning paper says 
Debbie Reynolds is 82.

Sixty years ago, the little doll
married Eddie Fisher,

balladeer back in our time.
Remember, Eddie dumped Debbie 

and married Liz Taylor who 
put the oomph in technicolor.

Then Liz dumped Eddie 
and married Michael Todd,

the aging movie mogul.
Todd died in a plane crash

and Fisher's dead now, too.
So's the beautiful Ms. Taylor.

Tell me this before you deal again: 
When Debbie gets her obit

which of us, and I'll take bets, 
will be around to read it.

Playing God

Want to know how
God may feel at times 
about us mortals?

Then every dawn
in any weather
place a tin 

of Fancy Feast
on the deck
for the feral cat

behind the oak
who won’t come out
till you go back inside.

Then take a peek
and watch old Tom 
come up the steps

and eat his fill 
before rumbling off
to find a harlot or a saint

to accept his genes
before he comes back
to feed again at dawn.

You may be a deity to Tom
but you will never get
one meow of worship. 

Donal Mahoney lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

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