Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

Public Radio

PRAVADA of the airwaves,
a tool Goebbels would have used,
paid for by the people,
wanting to indoctrinate,
radio for the weak minded,
and the guilty,
stressing the common good,
defined by them,
the news broadcast,
said to be unbiased and intelligent,
Stalin would be proud,
voices arrogant,
taunt and tease,
expounding on what people,
really should believe,
radio for 1984,
and beyond,
I only listen for the music.
Climate Change

climate change followed the plow,
and then the pivot,
around forever,
it is nothing new,
global warming,
climate's kin,
a distant cousin,
about the same age,
present with the volcanoes,
and the dinosaurs,
melting glaciers and ice,
in a distant age,
around in the industrial revolution,
still here today,
yet the scientists spin and spin,
on the governments' payrolls,
the line blurs,
where the data ends,
and the bullshit begins.

memories of cold hungry days,
Dad on the bed in the den,
unable to move,
the scars on his back,
the doctors made,
Mom at the kitchen table,
bills in her hands,
and tears in her eyes,
sitting in silence,
watching my brother,
two years old,
I wonder if,
he is cold and hungry too.

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