Saturday, November 8, 2014

David Ross- A Poem

The waistband on my Fruit of The Loom
shows signs of stress during holidays
due to succumbing in the dining room
to temptation in so many caloric ways.
Bold italicized capitals proclaiming FTL
tend to stretch with each dessert unduly
as if my briefs were attempting to spell  
a warning to the bloating of yours truly.
Once Thanksgiving and Christmas end 
the initials encircling the band on my gut
spread  to distended F...T...L  and portend
the need to undo all the seasonal glut.
Thanks to another New Year resolution
which comes in handily every January
the obvious chronic pigging out solution
is vowing that 2015 will be totally fat free.
Bio: David Ross, Rockford IL, battles the bulge every holiday season and wrote this satire for that very reason.

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