Monday, November 17, 2014

Scott Thomas Outlar- A Poem

Silent Waves

The garden is quiet
The fruit here is rotten
The soldiers are waiting
with black mask attire
The owls are screaming
my conscience is clear now
The Phoenix arises
the ash and the dust and the mud and the shit’s left behind

A tidal wave’s forming
to push past the boundaries
I’ll drown in the ocean
where no one can find me
I have my reasons
you don’t need to see them
Stop with your spying
I’ll cut out your eyes and your ears and your tongue and your soul

Scott Thomas Outlar burst forth from the womb of primordial ooze with thoughts of Revolution, Renaissance and Apocalyptic Revelation dancing across the neuron synapses of his newly formed consciousness. After huffing some fresh oxygen, he got down to the business at hand, hammering out rants, screeds, manifestos and wild proclamations dedicated to the constant, continual, progressive evolution of Humanity. He has continued working in such a vein to this day, publishing in journals such as Dissident Voice, Ascent Aspirations, Oracular Tree, The Fanzine, and Loose Change Magazine. Scott can be reached at 

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