Wednesday, November 5, 2014

James Babbs- Three Poems

I’m Not a Painter

if I were a painter
and I painted a picture
of what I’m seeing
right at this moment
I’d have a canvas
full of blue skies
and empty fields
stretching for miles
in all directions

if I were a painter
and I painted this picture
and I showed it to other people
I’m certain
some would say it was sad
and others would call it beautiful

but what does it matter
I’m not a painter
and this is just a dream

Thinking About a Beautiful Woman

I’m thinking about a beautiful woman
it happens
when I’m sitting at the table
eating my breakfast
looking through the window and
the barren fields behind my house
naked trees full of squirrels’ nests and
I imagine her
slowly walking toward me
wearing her black coat and
bright pink gloves
her long hair exploding
all around her face and
falling over her shoulders
when she reaches the house
there’s the sound of my
quick intake of breath and
I wait for her to come inside
listening to the noises she makes
taking off her coat and
putting her boots down
next to the closet door and
I turn just in time
to see her entering the kitchen
the smile all over her face and
when she looks at me
I grin
the way she tells me hello

You Just Never Know

I just saw a robin
my first of the new year
on the first day of spring
at least
according to the calendar
gray clouds filling the sky
icy winds blowing
from out of the north and
there’s a chance of some snow
this morning
I should’ve worn
my winter coat and
I’m watching the poor robin
huddled next to the building
it was sunny and
sixty-five degrees
but around here I guess
you just never know

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