Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Diana Landau- Two Poems


She stands tall, though time has thickened her. Could there be a little cracking here and there?

Her long curling leaf locks beckon me, golden chimes swaying gently in the soft breeze. “Come into me” she whispers.

I lay at her feet, gnarled root toes firmly planted in this spot of damp earth, reaching, reaching deep into unknown places.

She embraces me now yet sets free her skyward branches, making her own stance for the ages. “Come into me” she whispers.

Is it wrong to love a tree as beautiful as she?


Snap! Her bones crackle as she stumbles behind plodding son. Step, step, step.  Must keep up.

Where must this journey take us?

I suckled you and bathed you and protected you. Then I set you free. Must keep up.

Yes I wandered streets and didn’t bathe and starved the dog. Must keep going.

Why so angry now? You burdened me and now I burden you. Must keep deal.

I’m so weary now of all this. Must give up.

Short bio: Diana is am aspiring writer and poet who also blogs for to pay the rent.

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