Tuesday, November 18, 2014

henry 7. reneau, jr.- A Poem

time bomb

935 documented lies
the fuse lit long before
they were untrue
too late
it didn’t matter
what should’ve
it didn’t matter
when it should’ve

too late
of matter
but feigning remorse
of course appalled
stunned aghast
too late
but well aware
it mattered
as it matters

too late
the false platitudes &
the bigger lies
to hide the bold-faced
adding to
the sum of self-interest
of crazy more complex
than people think
a kinesis restrained
like a prison or
a schoolhouse
like suicide
as armament &
who go kaboom!

henry 7. reneau, jr. writes words in fire to wake the world ablaze: free verse illuminated by courage that empathizes with all the awful moments, launching a freight train warning that blazes from the heart, like a chambered bullet exploding inadvertently.

His poetry collection, freedomland blues (Transcendent Zero Press, 2014), was released in September of 2014. He also has an upcoming e-book, entitled physiography of the fittest (Kind of a Hurricane Press), to be released in 2014.

now, runantellyomamaboutdat!!

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