Friday, November 21, 2014

Raineway- Three Poems



A fear you started. 
The fear that loves you
That fear that hates you
The fear of being confused
A fear junkies possess. 
The fear that stains clothes,
That fear that creates alcoholics
The stinking fear with a bad taste
A fear adapted from the devil himself. 
The fear of a mad man
That fear so loud no one can hear it. 
The fear that will silence the world
And darkness will fall at your command. 
Darkness so thick we choke with shame. 
A darkness so dense it goes beyond nothingness.
A fear you wake-up with,
The fear that keeps runaways running. 
That same fear you wash my face with,
The fear that soaps up the body,
A fear of the unknown
The fear you talk with,
That fear you smile with,
The fear that starts bloody wars
A cursed fear you’re too afraid to cry about,
The fear that monsters create
That same fear I spread my legs to you with. 
The fear I pray about
A darkness you feel and see-then you don’t see. 
A darkness which one cannot break free
A darkness that promotes


Motionless was the night-nice, cool.
So nice it would cause one to drool
Out on the balcony there were jokes
The man, my brother no other folks
The talk was evil and some good
I listened though, thought I should
In the privacy of his nest
There was an uninvited guest
Aimed at the eyeball of the man
Was someone who was not a fan
A shot was fired the man fell
About to break loose was all hell
Bless his heart, my brother was wet
 “We need not also pay his debt”
“Go,” I screamed.
Outside was the night-awaken
The people had been forsaken
Rumors started, lies were called out
Where was my brother, was he about?
My brother shot him they had said
So we ran-away we had fled
The man, a neighborhood gangster
The man, was quite a prankster
Was beloved everywhere he stood
Providing the people with some good
A park without drugs was held dear
Abusive men would disappear
The homeless had warmth and food
The man was never misconstrued
A killer by soul from the start
Deep inside a good man at heart
“Go,” I screamed
Where did the shot come from I text?
Where was the shooter, are we next?
In the car but we just sat there
Take me please, take me anywhere.
Fires had started stores were robbed
My head hurt and my heart throbbed
The police arrived with much disdain
While angry people went insane
We drove finally, lights off, crazed
People everywhere, the street a blazed
A large man approached our car
We hadn’t even gone that far
He recognized something in us
Staring at us with much disgust
“Go,” I screamed
A gun was raised by the mean man
The sound shouted and people ran
My head was pinned on the floorboard
I prayed out loud, “Oh my Lord”
With a gun placed in my hand
I shot in the face the mean man
In the shoulder my brother was shot
The mean old man, we knew him not
I took a life, oh my soul
I will not live to grow old
To hell I’ll go through self-defense
I will not stay for the pretense
“Go,” I screamed
The car hollered-we ran the light
My brother yelling in the night
I didn’t feel and couldn’t tell
I didn’t move and couldn’t smell
I took a life could see his face
Ugly, pudgy man on our case
More than life I loved my brother
More than life unlike no other
We must go to a drug store
To treat this wound to the core
Then we will go to a hotel
Let us arrive there without fail
The shoulder was prayed over, cleaned
More blood then one has ever seen
It was saying when the news broke
The child is gone this was no joke
I ran to the car and in the back
There was the child that is a fact
The pudgy man wanted the child
Aimed the gun the bullet went wild
The gangster shot by pudgy man
To kill his child if he can
Until these things have no sound
To the room and lie down. 
“Go,” I whispered


The curiosity of your behavior
Made you quite a strange neighbor.
The lies, to you, were the truth.
And I was somewhat of a goof.
But somehow it kept us well
In a village where anger swelled
We grew together-
You quicker than me
And over the years
We not always agree.
The events that happened saw us through
It also saw something stirring in you.
Something was killing you from within
And I could not stop it, my friend.
Wrecked when I saw you in my dream
Yelling for you.  Did you hear my scream?
Screaming for you to be aloof
Knowing they couldn’t provide proof
For what we already knew was true.
Life was no longer a part of you.  

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