Thursday, November 27, 2014

Scott Thomas Outlar- Two Poems

On Down The Line 

So carry on down the line


all your crimes

are carried out through the night

                                      the sin

The Light

reflecting back wrong from right

                                      the same

The stain

mirror fades into dream            


So it all comes down the line


Karma’s time

to bring the scale into sign

                                      the stars

The fire

burning out all that’s sown

                                      to reap


so show me one damn return

The Urge 

That’s blood

That’s self created wound

That’s victim played by you

          and you alone

It’s the same old tired song

That’s enough

That pretty much says it all

That’s written on the walls

          for God to judge

It’s the same strong will to Love

That’s truth

That’s piercing through a soul

That’s the urge of all we know

          to evolve

It’s the same old dance and crawl

That’s fun

That’s the same sold circus clown

That’s the jester begging

          for his life

It’s the same old joke tonight

That’s train

That’s the wreck we all predict

That’s the same cynical snitch

          in the ditch

It’s the same old run off lines

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