Thursday, November 27, 2014

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal- 3 Poems


In your mind’s castle
made of crystal on
the edge of a cliff
you move like a snail.
Birds of paradise
burst in bright colors.
In your mind’s island
a wildflower bed
is planted.  In your
grape-sized brain there is
a cinema of
sunlight bursting out.
A mere laugh destroys
the castle made of
crystal; the island
destroyed by a wave.
A scintillating
hummingbird takes flight
into the white clouds
and sings of lost love.
I was created in the lab.
My eyes were fashioned
from a ray of sunlight,
which is why my smile is
just like warm sunshine.
My feet were made out of a
lucky rabbit’s foot,
which is why I can run
so fast and why I pick
all the right horses.
My arms were designed from
Sequoia trees,
which is why I try to stay
out of fights because I
could pack a real wallop.
I do not know what else to
say except that these
doctors are pulling out of
the air diagnoses
that do not make sense.
I find no bliss in my ignorance.
I look at my hand and imagine a foot.
I desire to walk on my hand foot.
I want to do a hand stand
and fall asleep in that position.
I do not snore and this is where
I find my bliss.  I argue with
my ego and it pays me no mind.
My ego is in a state of bliss.

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