Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Craig Stormont- A Poem


as prevalent as the dodo
an obscurity in our 21st century
on a planet over 4 billion years old
proof itself of human insignificance
yet not for creationist rubes
who deny scientific fact
contributing to killing our habitat daily
in the misguided name of progress
as human interaction rapidly declines
for technological profiteers
and mass media brainwashers
while islands of shit doom the oceans
the actual is scarce
in an age of our species-destructive acts
blame those the ignorant masses
are duped into thinking know
self-important hypothesizing educators
bombers for their mythical gods
diddling religious zealots
war freak politicians
and even the sneaking spouse on some social network
not the genuine scholar who seeks fact-based knowledge
and recognizes the travesty that
sincerity can now only be found
in an innocent child’s eyes
a doe and her young in the forest
the blooming of a flower
our root
insulted and doomed by
collective human arrogance
and stupidity

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