Saturday, November 22, 2014

Melanie Browne- Two Poems

"When I haven't any blue I use red"-Picasso

All Picasso's women
look the same to me,
the same eyebrows,
the same sharply lined noses,
the same lips,
the same dark hair,
maybe I'm not looking
close enough
I always knew I would have
been one of Picasso's women,
that I could have been the one
to crush him up and chop him
into little cubes for a painting,
or sifted his soul with a little
flour and baking soda into a
poem or a story, but I know
it isn't true, a vampire has
sharp teeth and files them
sharper at night,
vampires are so attractive
you can smell the blood
on their clothes,
and sense the death
in their eyes,
even so,
All Picasso's women
look the same to me

Moon Rocks Don't Appeal to those who Lack Imagination

I am planning
Thanksgiving deserts &
reading an article about
the price of moon rocks,
the writer was not impressed
said it was "just a rock"
but, I would love to have one
because it gives you magical
powers, like if you rub it all
over your body you become
invisible, and you can use
it to make your skin blemish-free,
I would use it for creative
inspiration like a talisman
or use it like a cell-phone
to talk with some aliens
that drive nice interstellar
vehicles with awesome
speaker systems that blast
sound for millennia,
I am easily impressed
by moon rocks and
all things space oriented,
if I was queen of England
I would demand my crown be
encrusted with moon rocks
to make it that much

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