Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shaquana Adams- Three Poems

All Good Things Come To An End

The waves at my ankles
The sand between my toes
The shell in my hand
The ghost by my side
A memory on my mind
A soul left to die
…A soul left to live
A tear left to dry
One passenger in the car
One tissue on her lap
One hand gripping the wheel
One less purpose left
It’s as if she was a dress hanging to dry
Had two clothespins, now has one
Barely hanging.

Not too sad

I caught myself in the past.
A boy in a restaurant next to me,
It's my birthday.

At first. I read nothing in his face, 
but he takes my hand in his,
and smiles.

And even though it's too late,
I smile back.

A sparkle

Cold as ice,
Dying of life,
The North Star shines in the night.

Shaquana Adams is lives in South Carolina. She has a bachelors in Political Science. She enjoys reading, yoga and crocheting.

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