Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ross Vassilev- A Poem

the ride

it's slow walking
when yr hands are cuffed behind yr back
and even yr ankles are cuffed together

the blonde policewoman was nice enough
making sure I didn't bang my head on the roof
of the squad car as I got in

I wanted to compliment her
on her big round beautiful ass
but I thought better of it

it was a hot summer night
hot in the back of the squad car too

I remembered the idea
that the whole world is only a dream

but the handcuffs and anklecuffs were real enough
as I watched the full moon rising
through the window of the squad car

I thought about what a million other people
might be doing at that moment
while I was waiting for my ride to begin

at the station
they took away my belt and shoelaces

I found out later that the guy in the next cell
was a co-worker I barely knew

it's a small world.

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