Saturday, August 17, 2013

Robert Demaree- Two Poems

New Hampshire, August 2013

The clothes line empty,
Library books neatly stacked:
They left this morning.

Summer reverie:
Golden light at five o’clock,
A screen door shutting.


Existential quandary
Posed by a Lifesaver:
Whether to chew—
Sudden wintergreen rush—
Or press gently
Between tongue and cheek,
A life lived mildly.

Robert Demaree is the author of four collections of poems, including Fathers and Teachers, April 2007, and  Mileposts, October 2009, both published by Beech River Books, and Things He Thought He Already Knew, published online in 2007 by Slow Trains. The winner of the 2013 Burlington Writers Club Poetry Award, he is a retired school administrator with ties to North Carolina, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, where he lives four months of the year. He has had over 650 poems published or accepted by 150 periodicals. For further information see 

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