Saturday, August 3, 2013

Les Merton- Two Poems


Four whipped horses foam
at the mouth, tear at the bit,
charge with blinkered vision
urged on mercilessly by riders
determined to initiate prophecy
with primed nuclear warheads.

         Earth Supreme Command orders
         everyone to prepare themselves
         at 23.10 for the apocalypse.
                   Rebels are proclaiming
                   do everything you’ve always wanted
                   to do in the remaining  hours -

         Rebels Must Be Ignored - Repeat -
         Rebels Must Be Ignored - Repeat... .


                   Ignored? The only thing to be ignored
                   is every government order ever issued!
                   From now on, anarchy rules, rebel, make love,
                   smoke, drink, eat, step outside of the system,
                   enjoy the remaining hours, most of all have fun.
                   They can’t tell us what to do any more!
                   It is all over... .

Everything was obliterated by the nuclear destruction of earth
at 23.10 as predicted. Warnings on Earth for civil disobedience
were ignored. There are no survivors - Repeat - There are no survivors... .



Jonny Quiet - Quiet Jonny
whatever way the name,
everyone knew Jonny
was so unpretentious.

Jonny loved tranquil
walks in the country
where he would meditate
on recent events.

Jonny especially enjoyed
the serenity of being alone
when his inner self adjusted
to respect his line of work.

The still of night was great
for Jonny’s work - soundless
dark - in noiseless shadow
he was unobtrusive.

Jonny appreciated the faint
plop from the definitive silencer:
the almost unheard penetration
of flesh by a precise bullet.

Most of all Jonny loved
the way his victim’s body
embraced deathly peace
as it crumbled to the floor

Before walking away he would
put a finger to his lips to mouth
hush to his motionless victim
and the surrounding silence.

Les Merton is the founder / editor of Poetry Cornwall and he is a poet, author, playwright and publisher.
His poetry has been published in over 100 UK magazines and in 16 different countries around the world. Recently he’s been getting published on the www. He finds the outlets on line very satisfying.
In 2004 he was made a Bard of Gorsedh Kernow for services to Cornish Literature and he has won many writing and publishing awards.

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