Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Two Poems

slay the distance 
do you smile at her
with the same love you once gave me?
i don't want the answer
too painful considering you without me
some things i don't want to know,
but i want to know you still
every fear; every happiness, every angry outburst
give me your rage, your love, your laugh,
your tears, your fears
let me be the one to dry your tears
hold you in my arms
as you held me —
wolves and ravens don't need to rip each other
to pieces, let me heal you
i know you're broken
so am i;
and you're not freeing me in letting me go
you're only enraging me
can't you see love is worth fighting for?
it's not a game,
you can't just throw me away
start again;
i'm sorry it doesn't work that way
people aren't games to be played there are consequences
for every heart you break —
please stop breaking mine,
i know we could be beautiful if you let us shine
take the rain clouds out of your eyes
let the sun dance in our hair,
kiss me again
not as a friend does
because friendship isn't what i need;
i think you realize you need more
as well —
so sever this distance between us
before the blade
slays us both
in an ecstasy of flames hotter than brimstone. 

i baltered into your arms
you caught me
on the tongue of your lust
brushed it with romance sent me
into a joy that even heaven
couldn't contain
in it's sunsets
this wound won't heal
cutting into the starscape of me i find myself
hung on the tooth of dying stars 
passion fizzling out
all because i love you 
wish i could stop
but this is irreversible i'll always be
tethered in this intimate connection with you
you were a beautiful stranger
i ought to have kept my guard up
but i let you tear into my walls
fill my forest with the rain of your tree
finding myself alone
bereft of your love
if i didn't have God it would have destroyed me
still i'm heavy in suffering
i will always love you
donna lewis 
had no idea just how right she was
when she said your blue eyes were startling
i'd drown in them forever if 
given the chance;
autumn is a disaster if you're not here
to kiss me with such stark
passion and brazen lust that leaves are startled
off trees,
this connection is so deep
even tectonic plates can't shift to meet us;
throw off the illusions of triumph,
let me taste your wounds
salt your life 
with a flavor you can't ignore
romance me again
this time with flowers that will never die.

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