Saturday, August 10, 2013

Douglas Polk- Two Poems


Sovereignty subject to the whim of the strong, 
subjectivity the new precedent, 
the moment at hand, to define international law,
 the American president to play God, 
on a global stage, 
taking out his enemies, 
one at a time, 
an eye for an eye, 
a language they understand, 
cut the deck, 
and deal the cards, 
feel lucky, 
let the drones fly,
who will die tonight, 
technology a glorious thing.
A Weather Report

asylum given,
Snowden's new home,
the cold approaches,
the snows begin anew,
still and cold,
silence reigns,
leaders unable to talk,
sands in the Middle East,
soak up the blood,
terrorized into inaction,
sides chosen,
the cold front continues to spread.

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