Saturday, August 31, 2013

James Mirarchi- A Poem

Carapace of scowling building
is exfoliated of acne
its cancerous elevator shafts and air ducts
cauterized with holy water
Stairwell ghosts fizzle and clutch each other
Construction workers operate on it
Spider-men who swing from cranes
nipping and tucking plaster wrinkles
liposucking cellulite from windows
a raw feverish whore
is then hosed down
A steely innocence
replaces building’s character
making it seem untouched
but strangely inhuman


James Mirarchi grew up in Queens, New York. In addition to his poetry collections, Venison and Dervish, he has written and directed short films, which have played at festivals. His poems have appeared in Crack the Spine Literary Magazine, Poydras Review, gobbet, Boyslut, Bluepepper, The Mind[less] Muse, Dead Snakes, egg, The Recusant, Subliminal Interiors Magazine, Bad Robot Poetry, and Clockwise Cat.

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