Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

veiled in doubts and insecurities
sometimes her smile lacks
but never warmth 
she is trying
to remember to laugh in a world
driving her to tears;
every memory
she has is stained with memories
of wolf,
and she doesn't know how to sever the
tie that bonds them
he stole the flowers of her virginity,
and she considered that her
feathers staining his fur
were so beautifully twined they'd never
come apart 
she can be as cruel as she is kind
mercy flamed with anger,
compassion dulled to the fine tip
of a magma like rage
burning everything within it's touch;
yet she's usually a pacifist
kind and sweet
hanging onto the words of her savior
trying to bear her own cross,
struggling beneath it's weight she wonders
if freedom is really worth the price of
not knowing the magic of his love.

cruel as he is kind
sometimes his
lacks; his fangs are made
to tear, and they can tear
rivers of chaos
into being
bleeding lies and transgressions
into being — 
truth teller and liar both
he can be so giving
yet so selfish;
holding back truths and shrouding
unneeded mystery
distancing himself to the point
you just want to break,
and he'll always try to convince you
that he's the white knight
when sometimes he's
as the cold, winter night without
moon or star to guide
with their countenance of 
that he's stolen from your eyes
until all that is left is your
love for him,
and a void 
declaring his absence.

Wolf & Raven
howling at the moon
he scattered her feathers and she
let him, endeavoring always
to please him;
he helped her when he could,
and she loved his
compassionate soul 
they had a forever love that could
have lasted through out the ages
yet he ended it prematurely
out of selfish greed
turned her happiness and peace
into illusions;
shattered her joy and kindness into oblivion,
kindled her rage and bitterness
claiming to have freed her 
yet she would much rather remain caged
in his love,
he did not consider her
only freeing himself from the obstacle
claiming to be the white knight;
he said that he saved her
when he had only
threw out a life boat to himself
considering her an idiot he never thought she'd
figure out that he was a lying, cheating 
despite it all, though, raven will always love
her wolf 
because he is the one that emits
the brightest spark within her 
inspires her to be a better person
encouraged her dreams
to fly and soar
higher than these broken mountains.

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