Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jennifer Lagier- Three Poems

Recovering Catholic
I watched my mother, grandmother,
and great-grandmother
willingly crucify themselves
because they believed heaven
would reimburse them
for their day-to-day hells.
They obeyed without question,
passively turned the other cheek,
believed misogynist mumbo-jumbo,
died without having lives,
bought a crock of Vatican shit.
I’m tired of being a
good Italian Catholic,
raised on cautionary tales
of sacrificed martyrs,
denial and guilt.
I cut my teeth on torturous
stations of the cross,
spent Saturdays in catechism,
Sundays at mass.
Now I’m ready for thou shall,
want to break rules,
blow off responsibility,
sleep past noon,
stand naked in front
of the picture window,
shake my tits at the postman,
drink tequila shots on a Monday,
drop acid, experiment with mushrooms,
carelessly fuck a succession of strangers,
come loudly and often
without a single regret.
Originally published in the Clark Street Review.
Next Ex-Husband Interviews
Camille hands out maps and smiles
at the Concours d’Elegance
in Pebble Beach.
She has stationed herself
between two Rolls Royces,
near the Porsche Pavilion,
where the richer boys roam.
Older trophy wives,
now gone to menopause,
glare as she flirts with their men.
Camille could have her pick
of international millionaires,
celebrity movie stars, local players.
As they examine each sleek, classic model,
she adjusts her tight tee shirt, licks her wet lips.
Bohemian Rhapsody
Fuck assignments.
Fuck deadlines.
Fuck a day reading Bukowski.
You’ve already done
down and drunk
with three former husbands,
prefer to imagine Henry Miller
playing ping pong
with a naked blonde
beneath giant redwoods.
What you crave is to
break every rule,
be flamboyantly alive,
wild in Big Sur,
an Indian Summer afternoon
hanging out on a deck
sipping peach blinis.
You slide into goddess pants,
strap on bohemian sandals,
a sparkling tiara,
drive Highway 1 south
past chill fog
till you get to Nepenthe.
Stellar jays jeer as you flirt,
find a likely companion.
Your hand on his thigh
brings a smile and erection.
Sunshine and champagne
loosen lips and loins.
You enjoy this new story.
Jennifer Lagier enjoys leading snakes astray at various watering holes from Carmel Valley to the depths of Big Sur.

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