Saturday, August 10, 2013

J.J. Campbell- Three Poems

laughing on the inside

drowning in a 
river of nostalgia

faces i haven't
seen in almost
20 years

and after a few
hugs and some
small chitchat
it was like the
clock was
turned back

everyone is in
their cliques
and there i was
sitting alone

laughing on the

feeling a strange
sense of comfort
knowing that i
haven't missed a
damn thing by not
being around

i left as soon as
the event was

pretty confident
that no one would
harsh reality

baited breath

sharpening the
knives as the
seconds slowly
tick away

anger bubbling
to the surface

just another night
spent wasting
away with all
the other losers
trapped in this

that harsh reality
of finding out
your parents lied

you are not special
and no one will
be waiting for 
you in the end

you always
why so many
people turned
to the bottle
or the needle

you now know
the cynical world

you always wanted
to believe

every child wants
to believe

but soon you are
old enough to know
that the holy water
comes from a toilet

that men in costumes
are molesters refusing
to let anyone have a
better childhood than

the good parents
understand you can't
hide the cynical world

inept parents keep the
myths alive for as long
as possible and end up
raising the next serial
killer to be studied in
institutions of higher

and people wondered
why i never liked
climbing on the knee
of santa

J.J. Campbell (1976 - ?) lives and writes on a farm in Brookville, Ohio. He's been widely published over the years, most recently at Pyrokinection, Regardless Of Authority, BoySlut, The Camel Saloon, and Zygote in My Coffee. His latest book, Sofisticated White Trash, was published this year by Interior Noise Press. You can find J.J. most days on Google+, LinkedIn, or on his blog, evil delights (

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