Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Michael Cluff- Two Poems


Dash it out at 3:57
the hour of holding no place
murmurs in the vents
of old oleandered oscillators

the tie chokes tighter
the will slopes into bombardment
the clock winks
a raven Poe would even loathe.


Kitty and Bert
he was a hennaed  bigoted flirt
she burned holes in his  undershirt,
he answered by burying her naugahyde skirt
under sixteen layers of salted dirt.

Bert and Kitty
in love, what a pity
she a long-term  Walter Mitty
whenever she went into Silver City
failed every attempt to be quite witty.

Bert existed all alone
on his chintzy metal throne
sucking on a left  thigh bone
from  his distant  cousin Joan
Kitty suddenly let out a groan.

Kitty cried cried and cried
swallowed some cleaning liquid, Tide
did not want to lose her  pride
tried of suburbia's  raucous ride
sliced Bert up and left him  dyed.

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