Saturday, August 31, 2013

James Babbs- Three Poems

They Found a Body

in the field
not far from my house
last night
I saw the lights
outside my window
but I didn’t know
what was going on
until the morning
when I saw it on the news
they found the body of a woman
badly decomposed
they don’t know
what happened to her
they think
she may have been there
for a long time and
I drive down that road
every day
on my way to work


the beautiful woman gets up
and slowly leaves the room
she doesn’t say goodbye
you sip your coffee
and gaze at the empty chair
you catch the faint scent
from her lingering perfume
you spend several minutes
after she’s gone
trying to give her a name
you contemplate
your place in the universe
you return home
and sit in the driveway
before entering the empty house

In the Warmth of the Sun

I’m thinking about death again
sitting out in the front yard
and it just crosses my mind
I’m watching the cars
as they drive past my house
the grass turning green
and it’s almost time
to start mowing the yard again
I need to drive to the station
and fill my cans up with gas
but I’m thinking about death again
while drinking a cold beer
trying to remember
something my brother said
the morning before he left

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